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Mission Statement: The fly fishing industry has drastically changed since the group of us began in the 90’s. Back than everybody's business lived and died by the all mighty sport show. 

These shows were events that could not be missed. Our booths were lavish, double wide social hot spots with TV’s, videos, photo walls, and hidden bars serving up your favorite cocktails.  

The casters were throwing 120 foot cast in the ponds, the salesmen were weaving outrageous tales of the tape, and the guides were comparing gear, water and fish with each other. It was a fly fishing circus. In an effort to recapture that feeling back in the 80‘s and 90‘s at the sport shows we have created this blog. 

Our posts are conversations, and topics that you would normally cover on a river sitting on a log.  If we aren’t on the water fishing, we are likely talking about it, and we invite you to come along for the ride.  

Epic in Movember


While having coffee at the Packing House in Spences Bridge I said to my friends, " Once I land my Thompson fish I'm leaving."  They jokingly replied, "You could be here for ten days or more,"  as they looked and laughed at my 'handful' of grease lined flies. Armed with only five deer hair flies I began swinging toward the  lake hole. After a full day of casting my 70 foot spey line I started to think my friends were right. To boost my spirits I kept telling  myself, "You came here to land a dry fly steelhead, stay the course".

Day two:...


Official end of an era in Telkwa BC

On the Bulkley river sits a lodge steeped in time honored traditions, and rich in history and lore.   Frontier Farwest has been around for 50 years and under the guidance of founder Collin Schadwrech FFW has placed its stamp on the steelhead world forever.

Schadrech is the most famous angler to ever guide the Bulkley River. In fact today, almost every single outfitter, owner or head guide on the Bulkley worked for Schadrech.   A character rich in personality Colin exhibits the most important ability in a steelhead guide. He has an open minded attitude and acknowledges...

Rio Marie Big Bass

Big Peacock Bass are the junkyard dogs of the jungle. They will defend their little piece of structure or bed or wherever they call home from any invader, for any reason. Pull a fly through  their kitchen while they are on guard and they are guaranteed to try and hurt it, and you, real bad. It is just their nature. All peacock bass are tough as nails, but the really BIG ones are impossible to forget and are a whole different animal when you put them at the end of a fly line.

The Rio Marie’ is the newest discovery in the peacock bass world of Amazonia, and after the first...


Lacrosse training for fishing guides

Lacrosse is a growing sport out west, but out east where I grew up it was pushed on us harder than the french language.  At an early age lacrosse sticks were put in our hands and we were taught how to scoop up grounders, cradle, and hum an indian rubber ball a country mile.  I still love the sport, but looking back now I realize it taught me a skill set I would use the rest of my life, netting fish.

After working in Alaska for 12 years I figure I have probably netted a couple hundred thousand fish.  I take pride is swiping a fish well before he's really ready...

Home River Fun

A few weeks ago, I got a chance to meet friends on my old home waters; the Wenatchee River.  The river was perfect and we all were excited.  When I lived in Wenatchee in the 90’s, I learned the Wenatchee River and learned to love it.  I would start fishing it for steelhead in August and my earliest fish caught was August 14th.   It usually got better until the end of September to mid October and would then fish ok until late November.  I would get up at 4:00 am in the summer and get to the river by headlamp; wait until I could see and then start fishing....


Wild fish or pass thank you

Since I was 10 years old there has not been one time in my life when wild fish stocks did not need our help wherever I was fishing.  I grew up fishing in the Catskill mountain streams during probably the worst climate for native fish in the history of the region. The famed rivers had been greatly effected by habitat destruction. At the time the common ideology  was to pump the systems full of hatchery trout and promote people to catch and kill these fish.  It was obvious the brown trout were out competing the wild stocks, and by the time I was in my 20’s I rarely ever saw...

Girls are taking over - embracing the growth of Spey fishing.

In the words of Pete Pettos "I can't wait to get home so I can burp and fart in the privacy of my own home. THERE ARE TOO  MANY CHICKS ON THIS RIVER!."  Nick Karol's reply  "I SHALL embrace the growth of spey fishing. Never before could a bushman such as myself be so lucky! I just had two blonde girls on my boat. I LOVE  STEELHEADING."  Pete Pettos replies  "Nicky, I came here to fish with you, so stop running  off into the forest with Lauren."  Nick Karol replies  "Lol". 


Swinging the Dream - Summer Runs.

As I lay here in my Subaru I write this blog until my cell dies. I have been camping up on logging roads of two great river systems since mid-August. The sun nor rain or snow had stopped me from my pursuits at first light

This season I was ready for action! My fly box was full of deer and elk hair flies. The reason behind my preparation was that I like using caddis flies and they're super easy to tie. 90% of my fish catch this season had been landed on the grease line caddis. Multi-fish days on simple deer hair flies were truly a dream come true. My best day happened after a...


The difference between men and women and steelhead and trout

In the fishing world trout are the men and steelhead are the women.  Trout have one track minds living their lives searching for ways to feed as much as possible while expending the least amount of energy.  They generally don’t like to work very hard for their food.  If you study the feeding habits of a man while his wife and kids are off visiting the inlaws, you will notice a very close correlation to trout.  Like a trouts lie, a man will have his lazy boy chair fully set up to expend the least amount of energy while watching tv.  The phone nearby to call for...

Is your guide a stud or a dud?

Sometimes in the fishing business you book a trip with someone and they stick you with the guide of their choice.  You are often at the mercy of ‘luck of the draw’ at this point.  Its like when you go to a trout lodge and half the guides are young, fresh out of college kids, taking a year off to full fill a bucketlist dream job for a year before they get a “real job”.  You know you are going to catch less fish that day than the guy who has been guiding there for 10 years and is a lifer.  Day in and day out, first year guides on a new body of water will be out...