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Although we fish often and share tips and anecdotal stories, we mostly embrace the simplicity of fly fishing. Our writers have a rebellious spirit and lofty objectives on and off the water.

We believe great days on the water aren’t conjured by luck. Instead, they’re a result of a process, one that can be improved upon each and every day.

We intend to influence, and progress that process for those that read our posts. Clearing the obstacles, and sorting out the confusion of a sport that connects us all to one common denominator, our passion and love of the outdoors.

Drop by once in a while and see what we are up to next.

BC's best little secret, The Cable Cookhouse.

My love for BC spey fishing started in Port Hardy on Vancouver Island many years ago. This is why my road trip had me leaving the Skeena watershed to be among the great North Island rivers of my past. I packed my Subaru, picked up my brother, and made my way to the ferry. Our destination was Sayward Junction on the beautiful Salmon River. Upon arrival at Sayward Junction the rivers were very low. The upper parts of the Salmon had my brother asking me why were we here? I replied, "I timed our adventure to the rains".

That night we planned our Salmon River float trip....



I guess if you fish long enough some pretty strange adventures await.  One of my favorite saltwater bonefish areas for wade-fishing is Christmas Island in the Pacific about a 1000 miles south of Hawaii.  I have been there a few times and have some very memorable days of fishing.  I want to tell you of one particular day while fishing for Trevally and a few bonefish.  It was the day the truck sunk and the boat burnt.  I am not shitting you, this is a true story.

I wanted to dedicate a day to fishing for Trevally and maybe a bonefish or two.  My friend...



This is a concept that we steelheaders deal with every time we head to the river.  Just the act of traveling (sometimes hundreds or even thousands of miles) proves that we have taken a leap of faith; we have faith that the fishing might, could, should – WILL be worth the trip.  If you have ever fished with a guide, you know how much faith you have in what he/she may tell you about the river or fishing.  The guide will say, “Jump in here.  It is deep near the bank but head toward the middle and it will get shallower.  Follow the ridge in the middle of the river,...


Don’t fish a bad cast

Warning: This post is bad advice for beginners.

In the guiding business patience is a virtue.   All guides have there own variety of “go to” phrases that flow out so naturally and often you don’t even notice them being said.  Should of been here yesterday, never leave fish to find fish, A bad day's fishing is better than a good day at work. All of these can be heard echoing along every river system in North America daily.

However there is one phrase I am trying to put a stop to and that’s “fish every cast no matter how good or bad it was, steelhead don’t care if it...

What to do when you fall in

Steelhead fishing is often done is cold or crappy weather unless you are lucky enough to squeeze in some summer fishing where falling in certainly isn't a big issue.  However if it’s fall or winter you can expect bone chilling water and air temps that are so cold hitch hikers hold up pictures of thumbs.  Falling in the river anytime can be horrible but in the cold it can even be dangerous.  If you are camping and you fall in you need to take it very seriously.  Here are the the things to remember.

  1. Check Phone or non waterproof camera...

Pinky Out Steelheader

My buddy Lightnin' always says that when someone is being uppity or sophisticated that they are carrying themselves with their "pinky out". It is a reference to the posh tea drinker that sips all snooty like, with one pinky out, straightened and off the handle of their cup. There are many things besides tea drinking that one can call someone out as being pinky out, but only one that I will proudly claim I am dead guilty of.

I swing flies for steelhead. Period. There is no other method of fishing I will consider to target steelhead, ever, but the swing. I don't nymph, I won't...


Top 5 photos captured

1.  Ken Morrish of Flywater Travel makes a living following the best fish in the world, from snarling freshwater golden dorado to the Finest BC steelhead rivers to supercharged King salmon all on the fly.  With his great eye for photography it’s not surprising he captured this incredible photograph on the Bulkley River on one of FFW’s Steve Morrow Canyon trips.  Pretty much sums up the reason Steve and his Bulkley river beats are receiving rave reviews year after year.


2.  This is one of the winners from the north coast. The...

Swinging is like Baseball

Swinging flies for steelhead, like baseball, is not for everyone. It is a love developed by only the minority of both sports fans and anglers. It is just too complicated and tedious for the casual spectator or participant to appreciate, so those that are into it are usually hard-core. Most true believers in either sport acquire a real passion over time, passed down from family and friends from the generations of passionate fans before them. The vast majority of people think it is boring to watch a whole game of baseball, with thousands of pitches for only a few hits, or actually fish for...


Fishing BC? here are the Cana-dos and the Cana-don'ts

 If you have finally saved enough money for the insanely expensive BC angling licenses, and the steelhead season up-charge for rental cars or fishing guides, you should bone up on the “Canadian” ways. 

To start you will want to load up your spotify playlists with Neil Young, Tragically Hip, Feist and Michael Buble. Toss on some Stompin’ Tom Connors and Leonard Cohen for some bonus points.  This will immediately get you through any border line ups faster than a canuck on skates.

The first thing you will want to do upon entering Canada is shift down a...

Top 5 King salmon flies 2015

Those who target king salmon on the fly often, have endured through much pain in there fishing careers.  Throwing big heavy rods and fast sinking tips is usually key to success.  The new lighter, high module, graphite rods have made life easier on the river while casting endless hours waiting for the saltwater wrecking balls to come into the river. Last summer our favorite rod was the 10130-4 Sage One. For a 13ft 10wt rod, it is phenomenal. Short, lightweight and powerful it launches tight, effortless loops even with the nastiest tips and flies.    

No matter...